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Monday, 27 December 2010

Alien Planet

"A spacecraft from another solar system invades the nights sky. But this is not our sky. And we are the invaders."

The year is 2077 and a 100+ meter long spacecraft called Von Braun has just entered the Darwin system. GSL (Global Space League) has risen to the challenge and sent mankind's first interstellar spacecraft to another star to search for life beyond the Earth.

"We always assumed they would come in flying saucers
We always assumed they would demand to see our leaders
We always assumed they would find us first
We were wrong..."

Alien Planet is a 94 minute special, originally airing on the Discovery Channel, about two internationally built robot probes searching for alien life on the fictional planet Darwin IV. It was based on the book Expedition, by sci-fi/fantasy artist and writer Wayne Douglas Barlowe, who was also executive producer on the special. It premiered on May 14, 2005.
- Annimations by Meteor Studios.

For more information about Alien Planet, the Von Braun and the world of their time, visit http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/alienplanet/splash.html

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

part 9

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